It can reinvent a new world more human centric, with less inequalities, more social & more careful with nature and animals. We think that solving problems on the planet has to be rewarding and sustainable moneywise. We're also well aware of the inflation and that earning money is a hard labour for everyone. For these reasons we offer our investors :

Same Side

We're on the
same side

The guarantee that we back 10% of all the investments with our own money


Limited pursuit
of profits

Anything above 10% annual yield will be reinvested in the fund so we can keep the momentum and fund more startups.


General interest

The Guarantee that we invest in selected impactful startups only who commit on respecting the principles of general interest business: Limited Pursuit of Profits, caped salaries, human & environmental balanced sheet.



Detailed information twice a year about our investments, human & environmental results and financiary results


No exit

Don't expect IPO's here. We're running for good old income related to your shares and make sure profits don't replace human values which always stays at the center.

No Fees

Caped salaries
no fees

The guarantee that our salary will never exceed 10 times the minimum wage in the country we live in. Of course we take no management fees. Yeah, well, we think it's enough to be happy.